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তোমরা গেইলে কি আসিবেন। বৈঠা। বর্ণালী বর্মা।

তোমরা গেইলে কি আসিবেন

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Barnali Barma is a renowned Bhawaiya as well as Bengali singer. Music is her passion. She is trained in Indian Classical music, Bhawaiya song as well as Rabindra Sangeet & Nazrul Geeti.
Barnali Barma was born at Tufanganj of Coochbehar district. After completing her graduation she did MS in Music from Biswabharati University.

The album বৈঠা (BOITHA) is a results of her hard pursuit. All four songs are popular. Music legends Late Pratima Pandey Baruha and Shri Dhaneshwar Ray were main key player of these four songs. The other members who were behind this successful project are-

Music Arranger: Satyajit Sarkar, Guwahati
Media Design: Vivekananda Sarkar, Coochbehar

Language: Kamtapuri/Rajbanshi


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